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Snapchat: Advertising to Millennials

By: Jessica Bohon

By: Jessica Bohon

What is Snapchat? Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media platforms targeted toward millennials. With this photo-sharing service, the photos you send disappear seconds after they are opened. Once they disappear, users can no longer access them. The app is popular with this generation because we have learned from our parents, siblings, and teachers to be cautious with what you post online – it will come back to haunt you. There was a need for a real time application that users wouldn’t be apprehensive about posting freely. Evan Spiegel filled this void with Snapchat.

Quick Snapchat Facts:

- 7+ Billion video views per day on Snapchat

- 100 Million active Snapchatters daily

- Target Market: 13-34 year olds (millennials)

- 60% of U.S. 13-34 Smartphone Users are Snapchatters

How Has It Evolved? After starting as a simple photo-messaging app, Snapchat has grown into a versatile tool for marketing, advertising, sharing, and community connecting. While it began as a temporary visual messaging application, it became a viable social media platform when the “My Story” component was implemented, allowing users to compile snaps in a chronological storylines that are accessible for 24 hours. Originally, Snapchat was not useful for marketers because there was no way to measure engagement nor a way to have two-way interaction with consumers. Recent additions and updates have provided Live Stories and a Discovery section, which make it easy for users to keep up with what is happening in their community and other areas of interest. 

Aspects & Uses:

DT slo filter- Chatting: capability to chat with another individuals (Messages disappear just like the photos). slo pismo geofilter

- SnapCash: send and receive money through Snapchat instantaneously (password protected).

- Geo-Filters (local): user created geo-tags that represent original artwork to represent that geographic location in the community.

- Sponsored Geo-Filters: filters that advertise for companies or events.

- “Selfie Filters”: generic, animated filters for users to send to others.

- Live/Discover Stories: community and special event stories that all can see, and those within the community can contribute to.blog snapchat Tips on Using Snapchat to Promote your Business: blog snapcode

- Advertise your Snapcode on alternative social media platforms as well as print and web advertisements.

- Create a Geo-Filter in your area that represents your company.

- Utilize the Live Stories feature to promote events.

- Update your “My Story” feed consistently.

- Check back to analyze views and screenshots.

- Check and respond if any followers directly chat-responded to a Story piece.

- Use Snapchat to become more involved with the events and people within the surrounding communities.

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Blurring Lines into Pop Culture: Emojis & e-Books as Advertising

Contributor: Stephen Zehnder

Contributor: Ellie Koscheski

As an ad-woman, I love seeing effective examples of advertising blurring the lines into pop-culture. Dove’s recent campaign for their Quench products for naturally curly hair had me all ears, errr, hair?


The Curl Issue

Coming from a straight-haired girl who permed her way through the ’80s in a quest for curls, I’ve always been envious of voluminous, luscious curls. So I was sad to learn from research Dove conducted for the Quench haircare line which found only 10% of adult women, and 40% of younger girls actually like their curly hair.

Their research also discovered a glaring lack of pop culture showing the beauty of natural curls. From Hollywood, to magazines, to runways–straight dominates. Dove set out to change that with their #LoveYourCurls campaign, and I’m a huge fan of the alternative advertising avenues they took to achieve that.

Image Credit: Dove

Image Credit: Dove



Of the thousands of emojis available on cell phones, none featured any females with curly hair. Why were straight-haired girls getting all the emoji fun? For those of you who don’t use them, this may seem silly, but for the 73% of people in the U.S. who claim they use emojis every day, this was a glaring gap. Users want emojis that look like them, and this omission has the potential of making girls with curls feel marginalized as yet another way pop culture ignores curls. This all changed last week, when Dove launched a free app called Dove Love Your Curls Emojis Keyboard. Available through the Apple App Store or Google Play, the app features 131 variations of curls, hair color and skin tone emojis. OMG – finally!


Personalized e-Book

To help girls celebrate and be proud of their curls, Dove launched a personalized e-book, downloadable for free. The e-book is a compilation of stories, poetry and illustrations that beautifully describe the reasons to love your curls. The books can be personalized for the curly girls in your life with names and photos. Of the 350+ reviews on Amazon, positive comments abound such as “awe inspiring,” “uplifting,” “a must-read,” “adored this book,” “empowering,” and “I wish I had this book while raising my curly-haired daughters.”


Major credit to Dove for delving into a sensitive topic for women and utilizing their advertising as a platform for change. Their integration of advertising into popular tech products like emojis and personalized e-books was innovative and seamless, and their continued trend of confidence-boosting ad campaigns for women is inspiring.


P.S. Dove’s “Love Your Curls” YouTube video was launched earlier this year and received 9.3 million views in its first day. To date, it has 70K comments, many from curly-haired women saying it had them in tears. Check it out.

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News from San Luis Coastal: Parent volunteer overcomes language barrier to help others do the same

San Luis Coastal Unified School District

L-R: Lorenzo Torres, twins Alexander and Jonathon, Lorenzo’s wife Lupita, and the couple’s youngest son Eric.

San Luis Obispo – Lorenzo Torres came to California from Mexico when he was 23 years old, unable to speak a word of English. Decades later, and now bilingual, Torres is a leader for parent volunteers in the San Luis Coastal Unified School District.


Torres’ story is featured in a new blog series called “Class Notes,” which SLCUSD unveiled this summer. The monthly profiles feature exceptional people, programs and departments that make the district unique. You can find the articles on SLCUSD Superintendent Eric Prater’s blog here.


Torres is the proud father of three sons: 22-year-old twins who are in college, and an 11-year-old who will start sixth grade in the fall. He spends his days working and his evenings volunteering for San Luis Coastal, youth sports teams and his church. In addition, he serves as vice president of the SLCUSD English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) that promotes language programs at the school, district and statewide levels. There are more than 7,500 students enrolled in SLCUSD schools, 15 percent of the student body is in the English Learners program, and 87 percent of those students speak Spanish as their native language.


Torres says literacy is the cornerstone of the EL program. “The best thing you can do is encourage [students] to read. If you can’t read you won’t be able to understand math, science or any other subject in school.”


Visit Dr. Prater’s blog to read the entire story. There will be a new blog published each month.

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A New Strategy for Apple

Contributor: Stephen Zehnder

Contributor: Stephen Zehnder

As a Millennial, I have grown up in the digital age and have seen the craze and lines at Apple stores for the newest iPhones, iPods, and Macbooks. However, as years go by, new versions of devices have become less revolutionary, and merely an upgrade. That’s where the new Apple Watch comes in. It combines the abilities of a cell phone with the utility of a pedometer and health tracker. It also has a function called “digital touch.” You can send your friend a pattern of taps or even your heartbeat. The recipient will feel it through their watch as if the sender was touching them on the wrist. This device has all the earmarks of a revolutionary new product that should garner fanfare and pre-sale lines at Apple stores across the country – but it’s not.

Watches are not a sought-after product for many people my age. The fact I’ve worn a watch almost every day since I was 12 makes me an anomaly. The generation who grew up with phones in their pockets has no need for an expensive timepiece many see as outdated.

Apple has tried to bring the glamour of watches back, and use high name retailers rather than their own stores as markets for their new designs. Only six boutiques worldwide currently offer the watches, but online purchases can be made through Apple. Bloomberg Business’s Tim Higgins worries the encouragement by Apple for customers to buy online could harm the perceived scarcity long lines have created for Apple in the past, and the great demand that goes with it. I understand this concern, but the strategy of limiting stores and having a low stock for the first unit made up for the perceived scarcity which lines had created in the past. applewatch

In my opinion, this new item in the Apple inventory is less utilitarian and more aesthetic in purpose. It therefore makes sense Apple is selling it only in select stores around the world known for starting new clothing trends synonymous with glamor. James Peckham from Techradar said, there are only six select stores located in Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Beijing, Paris, and Milan. If Apple had starting selling these watches right off the bat and initially ordered mass quantities, there would have been a risk the supply would outweigh the demand and killed it from the start. Instead, the strategy they went with allowed them to test the waters and adapt. It is by no means mainstream, but the speed with which the watches sold-out online is promising for Apple. Who knows, perhaps Apple will make the Millennials watch-wearers.

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BCA recognized by American Advertising Federation

Congratulations to our BCA clients on the following entries recognized at the 2015 American Advertising Federation Awards in March. Thank you for trusting BCA and working with us to continue to create award-winning marketing material.

To view winning entries for 2014, click here.

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Mid-State Fair Chooses Barnett Cox & Associates as Marketing Partner

PASO ROBLES, Calif. − Barnett Cox & Associates has been named the official marketing firm for the California Mid-State Fair.

The San Luis Obispo company will provide advertising, public relations, social media and other services to promote the fair throughout California and the West.

“We look forward to helping build on the fair’s already fantastic brand, image and success,” said Dave Cox, Barnett Cox & Associates COO.

BCA is already off to a good start. The “look” BCA has created for 2013 is all set to launch the fair’s latest theme, “Start Spreading the News,” featuring innovative communications throughout history.

The connection with the California Mid-State Fair is not exactly new for the long-standing marketing firm. BCA has worked with Tom Keffury and his staff on promoting the popular fair for several years.

“We have enjoyed great success with fair attendance and concert ticket sales, thanks to creative efforts of Barnett Cox,” Keffury said. “They are a pleasure to work with.”

For 23 years, Barnett Cox & Associates has been providing strategic planning, perceptive public relations, award-winning creative and engaging social media for San Luis Obispo County.  Find out more at barnettcox.com.

Contact:  Tom Keffury
Sponsorships & Marketing
California Mid-State Fair
Cell: (805) 459-5530
Office: (805) 239-2385







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BCA Hires Big Player in Web Design

SAN LUIS OBISPO − Marketing firm Barnett Cox & Associates has hired a new web developer with some heavy hitters on his resume.

Honeywell, Hallmark, Apple and Boeing are just some of the prestigious clients who have benefitted from Aaron Cotton’s skills as a designer and web developer.

In turn, his talent and training in graphic design, corporate identity, web design and development, 3D graphics, motion graphics, animation and illustration made Aaron an obvious choice for BCA.

“Aaron brings a unique combination of web and design talents rarely seen in the marketing and communications business,” said Maggie Cox, President/CEO for BCA. “We are extremely pleased to have him join our team.”

Cotton started his career in 1994, just two years after the world’s first website was launched. Since then, he has translated his respect for timeless good design into effective and award-winning websites for some of the world’s largest companies.

For 23 years, Barnett Cox & Associates has been providing strategic planning, perceptive public relations, award-winning creative and, most recently, engaging social media for San Luis Obispo County.

Learn more at www.barnettcox.com.

Learn more about Cotton at www.barnettcox.com/works/aaron-cotton.






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Badump-BUMP-Ching… How to Incorporate Humor into your Marketing

“I once had a leather jacket that got ruined in the rain. Why does moisture ruin leather? Aren't cows outside a lot of the time? When it's raining, do cows go up to the farmhouse, ‘Let us in! We're all wearing leather! Open the door! We're going to ruin the whole outfit here!’” –Jerry Seinfeld

We all remember Seinfeld – the show about “nothing.” A show that found humor in ordinary situations: relationships, jobs, parents, a bite at the local coffee shop, bras for men…you know, everyday type stuff. As we go through life, most of us fail to ask the simple yet obvious questions on which Jerry would base his episodes. He found humor in everyday life.

Observational type humor towards the relatable yet mundane is what gets Jerry Seinfeld’s audience laughing the most. It causes people to look at everyday situations in a way they hadn’t before. Utilizing this type of humor within your business’ marketing strategy can be extremely effective… imagine the amount of people that would “tune in” to see what you were going to talk about next. Making your product “relatable” is key.

As we are bombarded with advertising campaigns these days, especially during the holiday season, how do we stand out amongst our competitors? Humor. People like funny things. They relax and pay attention when they know you have a sense of humor. It causes an emotional connection with the customer and leads them to talk about your company and your ad with others. It puts them in a good mood, and creates a positive image for your company. Humor makes you easy to approach, and easy to remember.

Here are some basic tips on how to transform your business-as-usual marketing into effective and entertaining marketing without turning your message into a joke:

1. Wear a watch, because timing is everything: Ask Jerry and he’ll probably tell you that timing is one of the most important factors when making something funny. That and alcohol. How punctuation paces a sentence, or how a photo, illustration or animation makes the viewer do a double take all impact timing. The littlest throwaway detail can lead to the biggest, most memorable laughs.

2. Know your audience: Advertising humor needs to be well suited to its audience. If your customer doesn’t get the joke, then the joke’s on you. A sophisticated audience will understand your irony, satire and puns, but a young audience may only understand slapstick comedy or a silly cartoon caricature. Inside jokes can be effective if the recipient understands that it was done for them, but nobody else will get it.

3. What’s the medium? Sometimes it’s challenging to implement humor into a print ad since the funny element must be very clearly defined and common enough to “get” instantly. Being restricted to a still image means the copywriting needs to be funny and quick-witted. And I do mean quick-witted – you have about 5 seconds to catch the reader’s attention. Keep it short and sweet. (Or naughty, whichever you prefer).

4. Don’t knock-knock it until you’ve tried it: Emotional connection with your audience is priceless. How often does your company’s marketing strategy have customers quoting from them for weeks, months or years after they first appear? No need to answer that.

5. Leave them wanting more: Everyone has a relative that tells the same joke over and over… and over. Change up your ads that incorporate humor to keep them from going stale.

During this holiday season as you are thinking about your 2012 Marketing Plan… channel your inner comedian and ask, WWJD…What would Jerry Do?

Click here to see some examples of effective, humorous print ads

Written by Brooke Wighton

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