Senior Strategist | Chip Visci


So far, Chip Visci has enjoyed successful careers in business, journalism and corporate communications. He is passionate about helping people tell clear, compelling and credible stories. He values excellence. He can simplify what’s complicated, respect all stakeholders and provide considered opinion. With a keen eye for good management and smart business practices, Chip can coach you to be a better leader and help you create a stronger team. He’s been inside academia, inside the media and inside corporate America. Let him tell you what he’s learned.


He loves books, movies and exercise — especially hiking in 18-hole segments.


The Team

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  • Dave Cox

    Vice President/COO

  • Shari Clark

    Account Executive

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  • Courtney Meznarich

    Account Manager

  • Katie Ferber

    Production Coordinator

  • Mike Whiteford

    Public / Government Relations Specialist

  • Chip Visci

    Senior Strategist

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