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Morro Bay bus wrap on Hearst Castle bus.

Morro Bay bus wrap on Hearst Castle bus.

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City of Morro Bay

Morro Bay’s tourism marketing effort was good at bringing in a small and loyal visitor contingency. But economic downturns hurt the tourism industry. The loss of visitors, coupled with a tired marketing effort caused the City of Morro Bay to want to freshen its outreach to potential visitors. They turned to Barnett Cox & Associates.

Over the course of a single fiscal year, the number of visitors and their additional hotel transient occupancy tax increased by a whopping 20% for Morro Bay. That equates to more hotel stays, with related increased revenues for restaurants, shops, tourist attractions and events. State and national PR efforts, marketing plans that included print and tv advertising, online and social media campaigns and a fresh new logo and look all gave Morro Bay’s tourism marketing efforts renewed steam.