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After 60 successful years as Idler’s Appliances, this family company had earned a loyal customer base and brand respect as an appliance retailer. Although three additional departments and an outlet center had been added to the stores in recent years, we suspected that potential customers were unaware of Idler’s kitchen design and cabinetry services and its bedding, recliner and outdoor living products. The lack of awareness combined with a sudden increase in mattress retailers in the area caused the Idler family to re-evaluate its share of the market and how to boost sales.

Based on local man-on-the-street interviews, consumer research, behavioral data and our experience, we built upon Idler’s existing strengths of five-star service, community investment, local family ownership, affordability and an expanded product offering to get the message out that Idler’s now has “more of what you want for your home.” The campaign included a fresh, colorful new logo to represent all of Idler’s specialties and a familiar yet more fitting new name: Idler’s Home.